4th International Tattoo Festival in Goa, India

In early January this year I had an opportunity to attend the 4th International Tattoo Festival in Goa, India with Rob. I had been to a few tattoo conventions in the past but nothing really prepared me for Goa.

To say it is a magically place is an understatement and I fell completely in love with everything about it. The team who organise the event really focused on bringing the artists and those planning on attending the show together and introducing them to all the charms that Goa has to offer including night time markets, hidden beach bars and motorbike day trips.

This created a really wonderful atmosphere with friendships being formed and creative ideas being shared. Goa itself is an incredible place, with a super laid back attitude and great people.

As a vegan and dog trainer I was also in my element surrounded by the magical Goan cows free roaming the streets. They were everywhere and to my delight treated with real respect by the people around them.

I was so in love with the cows that when I asked Rob to tattoo me at the convention I couldn’t think of a more fitting image to put on my arm then a little brown cow.

As an artist who works a lot with brightly coloured pieces Rob represented a different style of tattoo then what is currently widely practiced in India. However, there was never a moment that the table was not surrounded, while he worked on my arm, as the spectators and artists alike were really excited to see it come together.

Once finished my little brown Goan cow was entered into Best of Day and I was absolutely thrilled when it won. I would say that my trip to Goa and the International Tattoo Festival was definitely one of the best holidays I have ever had. If you want a tattoo festival that literally has it all, book yourself a ticket to Goa, I know I for one will absolutely be back.

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