Minimal Tattoos

A tattoo doesn’t need to be a full-body thousand-session endurance challenge that gets you in the Guinness book of world records. Dainty is dope and minimal is tight. We love tiny tattoos and we’ll never turn away the opportunity to ink one.

The great part about the tiny tattoo is that it can be discrete -behind the ear, the back of the shoulder, an ankle tattoo; there are subtle places for the aesthetically restricted. Plus — huge bonus — they’re adorable.

But how small are we talking here? We want you to love your tattoo after ten years of rain and shine and might adjust the size to prevent blurring as your skin ages. With that in mind, try imagining your tiny tattoo twice as big before you enter our studio to mentally prepare for any adjustments.

Fine Line Art

When it comes to fine line tattoos, one idea in particular is taken to heart: less is more. For these kind of tattoos, barely-there lines are applied using a top notch liner with fewer needles than is traditional.

Just remember; every line, every angle, every mark counts for a smaller tattoo. This is where our road hardened, steady hands and iron patience come into play: we won’t let your minimalist one word tattoo turn into a Rorschach blot, and your teeny lighthouse won’t become the leaning tower of Pisa.

Just How Tiny is Tiny?

We will advise you on what size to have the tattoo so that the lines stay fine in ten years time. A pointillism masterpiece might look pixel perfect fresh out of the shop, but over time it will naturally soften. Don’t fear! Our artists can advise you on how to adapt a design for a tattoo that will mature like a fine whiskey.

When it comes to word art, our experts are on-tap with advice on exactly which size to go for. And fear not, we won’t misspell your angels as your angles!

Inspiration Corner

What to have? And where? Here’s a couple of Life’s Too Short-curated ideas guaranteed to make great artwork by our hands!

Other Ideas

  • Symbols of the planets: A drop of celestial ink will whisk you away to Venus with a blink.
  • Yin Yang: Connect your dualities with minimalist style.
  • Flowers: Use roses for love, proteas for courage, heather for wild and windswept beauty. Or if you don’t care about all that, they just look great!
  • Constellations: Today, you will take steps to prepare for change. Hopefully, that change is a banging star sign tattoo.


Build Them Up

The leap from bare to full-body is a bit too deep-end for some people; a tiny tattoo is a good swatch test if you’ve got aspirations of grandeur.

A daisy tattoo can turn into a daisy chain. A single initial can turn into a Shakespearean sonnet (oh what a tangled web we weave!) And a feather could turn into the shedding coat of a phoenix bursting into flame as it sacrifices itself to end an epic battle against Cthulhu, ships, tentacles, and the works, and put the malevolent god to rest for the last time.

The options are endless — creativity is your only limit!

If the whole sleeve is a little daunting then consider a dinky tattoo. Check out our work and chuck us some questions. Your skin is safe with us.

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