Reviews and Testimonials

“I got a tattoo done with significant meaning about 9 years ago. I went in with a couple of ideas and they came back with loads more better ones and the end result really exceeded my expectations.

more recently I’ve also been looking to do a cover up of a tattoo i got 15 years ago and the lads are the only artists i trust.
Safe to say they smashed it, and already planning the next one.

Great artist, great shop, and really good atmosphere.”

Paul Redmond

Professional Mixed Martial Artist

“I got my first Tattoo done by Rob Mulligan.
I went to him with an Idea and he enhanced it!
A Professional and Passionate Artist,
And I couldn’t have been happier with the work that he done.”

Ryan Sheridan


“Rob inked an exact rendering of my youngest sons self portrait on my Achilles, it’s almost like he tattooed it himself, although I’d never let that happen. FIVE STARS”

Paul Thomson

Musician, Franz Ferdinand